GEPRC 915MHz/2.4GHz T Antenna


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The T antenna is designed and manufactured by GEPRC team.Each antenna is repeatedly tested to ensure correct use.


915MHz T Antenna

  • Antenna length:151mm
  • Coaxial cable length:75mm
  • Weight:2.6g
  • Connector:ipex1
  • Gain:2dBi
  • Frequency:868-915MHz

915MHz Mini T Antenna

  • Antenna length:60.5mm
  • Coaxial cable length:35mm
  • Weight:1.7g
  • Connector:ipex1
  • Gain:2dBi
  • Frequency:868-915MHz

2.4GHz Mini T Antenna

  • Antenna length:51mm
  • Coaxial cable length:35mm
  • Weight:1.6g
  • Connector:ipex1
  • Gain: 2dBi
  • Frequency:2.4-2.5GHz

Package Included

1 x T Antenna / Mini T Antenna


Q: There are two sizes of 915MHz T antenna,how should I choose?

A: You can choose different sizes of antennas according to the size of the quadcopter.For example,if the model is above 5 inch,you can choose T antenna,which can get better signal reception.A Mini T antenna is a good choice for small quadcopters under 3 inch.

Q: Besides,this antenna seems to be used with GEPRC ELRS receiver,can other receivers (such as TBS Nano, R9mm) be compatible with it?

A: GEPRC’s T antenna and mini T antenna connectors are IPEX1,so long as it matches with the working frequency and antenna connector of the receiver,it can be compatible to use.(TBS Nano, R9mm and other receivers can also be used.)

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