GEPRC GEP-C1 Charger


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GEP-C1 charger is the second generation 1s high-performance charger newly developed by GEPRC.GEP-C1 charger is very convenient and easy to use.It supports Type-C input and can charge up to two 1S high voltage batteries at the same time,and each channel is up to 1A, charging speed is very fast, with trickle charging function.

At the same time, the charger also integrates with a buzzer, which will alarm when fully charged, allowing pilots to unplug the battery in time and replace it with a new battery to continue charging.The charger has two charging plugs,namely GNB27 and PH2.0.

GEP-C1 charger is ideal for use in the field, just bring a power bank, you can meet the charging needs of the whole day, and it can also be used as a power display when it is not charging. You can see the voltage status of each channel in real time.


1. Type-C input, support power supply for power bank, mobile phone, laptop, etc.

2. Built-in buzzer, the buzzer will sound three times when the battery is fully charged.

3. Support voltage measurement, the voltage can be displayed by directly inserting the battery.

4. Status light: green light when idle, red light when charging, green light when fully charged.

5. Support GNB27 and PH2.0 plugs (when charging, only one battery can be charged in each channel. Note that two batteries cannot be inserted into the same channel at the same time.)


  • Brand: GEPRC
  • Model: GEP-C1
  • Input connector: Type-C
  • Output voltage: 5v
  • Input current: 5V@2A
  • Output connector: PH2.0/GNB27
  • Single channel maximum output curren: 1A
  • Maximum output current: 2A
  • Battery Type: Li HV
  • Size: 52x30x14.5mm


1. Insert the Type-C cable for power supply.

2. Insert the battery, at this time the status light changes from green to red, and the digital tube will display the battery voltage in real time, which means it is charging.

3. When charging is complete, the status light changes from red to green, and the buzzer will sound three times to indicate that it is fully charged.

4. Unplug the battery.


1 x GEP-C1 charger

1 x Manual

1 x Aluminum foil packaging bag

1 x After-sales cards

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