Axisflying Argus F7 AIO F722 40A With Aluminum Shell For Cinewhoops

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When Axisflying stepped into the FPV field, our core products were brushless motors and frame series. But that's only temporary. Innovation and self-development are the goals that Axisflying has always pursued, and the Argus F7 AIO will prove that Axisflying's innovation and independent research and development capabilities have never weakened.


 - Every AIO will go through 800 full throttle takeoff and landing tests before leaving the factory. High-quality circuit technology and aluminum shell casing will ensure their service life. 

 - CNC heat sink on both sides. Better cooling, protection increased lifespan.

 - The big concern of every pilot - desyncs - will be solved by the Argus F7 AIO. Never out of sync.

 - Perfectly match with 20/21 motors.


 - ESC:  Bluejay 48K pre-flashed

 - Input Voltage: 3-6S

 - STM F722

 - BMI 270

 - Weight : 14.7g

 - Size: 36*36*7.2mm

 - Installing Hole: 25.5*25.5mm /26.5*26.5 mm M3



Axisflying Argus F7 AIO F722 40A with Aluminum shell for Cinewhoops

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