Axisflying AVATA 3.5 Upgrade Frame Kit

AxisFlyingSKU: WG000348

Sale price$59.90 USD


Axisflying has now created a new upgraded frame kit for the 3.5" AVATA! Improve your flights with this lightweight upgrade and get more from your drone! This new frame upgrade allows you to easily mount an action camera and capture better footage than ever before.

VIDEO: How to Upgrade DJI original AVATA to Axisflying AVATA 3.5"


  • Easily mount an action camera
  • Upgrade for the Avata 3.5"
  • More powerful frame
  • Durable carbon fiber

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  • AUW Weight (with Avata components which are not included): 477g
  • Compatibility: Avata 3.5" Components
  • Camera Mount Base: 3D Printed
  • Material: Carbon Frame
  • Prop Guards: Yes
  • Heat Sink: Yes


  • 1x Axisflying AVATA 3.5" Upgrade Frame Kit
  • 1x Action Camera Mount
  • 1x Prop Guard Set
  • 1x Hardware Kit

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