GEPRC Crocodile5 Baby LR HD LongRange FPV

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Best design and High performance in this year, After the GEPRC team’s optimization and upgrading on crocodile baby 4inch, GEPRC Crocodile Baby 5inch is launching right now. It is a brand new Long Range 5inch FPV. There are three versions: DJI Air Unit,Vista Nebula Nano and (Analog)5.8G 600mW.

Crocodile5 Baby LR is a lightweight long range FPV, Which can cruise smoothly for a long time or Freestyle. If you are looking for a drone with stable flight and best sense of speed, Crocodile5 Baby LR will be your Favourite Drone for a long time.

The preferred choice for Micro Long Range flight, Crocodile5 Baby LR can brings endless happy and fantastic experience to life. High efficiency power system: Latest GEP 2004 2550kV Motor+Gemfan 5130 propellers.

Combining with Super GEP-F722-35A AIO FC and DJI HD system. Recording 1080p 60fps video in real time.

After tons of time Testing and Data Analysis, It can be running very well with better flight efficiency. If equipped with GEPRC VTC6 18650 4S1P 3000mAh Batteries, the flight time can easily reach 27 minutes, Even though it brings GP Lite camera, 25 minutes flight time is available in normal circumstance.

Crocodile5 Baby LR has been independently designed 3D Print mount for GPS module. When signal losing or VTX out of control, It can be start the rescue mode of betaflight (in emergency,The FPV fly back to the approximate position of the base, If the signal is get again,Be sure to operate the FPV to landing manually.) ,The Rescue mode won’t landing automatically. Crocodile baby integrates GEPRC Finder. If the FPV lost and disconnects the battery power, the beeper of GEPRC Finder will making the sound constantly.

To summarise, this is a clever choice to purchase it. It is Light-weight, Long Range and has excellent flight performance.


August 27th, 2022: The Crocodile5 Baby LR HD DJI AIR UNIT Version will be changed from DJI camera to Caddx Air Unit Camera.


  1. The Arms was reinforced to enhance the flight performance and making the flight performance more stable and smooth.
  2. Combined with with DJI Air Unit, It supports recording 1080p 60fps video.(HD Digital VTX)
  3. Latest GEP 2004 High Efficiency Motor, It has good heat dissipation effect, high efficiency and more abundant power.
  4. The Lightweight design scheme is suitable for Long Range flight and Freestyle flight.
  5. The latest GEP F722 AIO FC, which has fast operation speed and higher compatibility
  6. Support GPS rescue mode, Long-range more safer
  7. GEPRC Naked GP camera kits (no included)
  8. Flight Time:25-30min(Li-ion 3000mAh Battery)


  • Brand: GEPRC
  • Model: Crocodile5 Baby LR HD
  • Frame: GEP-CB5
  • Motor to Motor: 227mm
  • The thickness of the top plate: 2.0mm
  • The thickness of the bottom plate: 2.0mm
  • The thickness of the arms plate: 4.0mm

Flight Controller System:GEP-F722-35A AIO

  • MCU: STM32F722
  • Gyro: 6-Axis
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
  • Firmware target: GEPRCF722 AIO
  • Power input:4S LiPo/Lion
  • VTX: DJI Air Unit Module
  • Camera: Caddx Air Unit camera
  • Props: Gemfan 5130
  • Antenna: DJI 5.8g MMCX LHCP
  • Motors: GR2004 2550KV
  • GPS: GEP-M10
  • Crocodile5 Baby LRHD Weight: 252.29g
  • Receiver: PNP(With DJI Receiver) / Frsky RXSR/ TBS Nano RX

Motors & Batteries Recommend:

  • Motors: GR2004 2550KV
  • Battery: Lipo 4S 650mAh – 1300mAh or Lion 4S 3000mAh


  • 1x Crocodile5 Baby5 LR HD Quadcopter
  • 4x Gemfan 5130 Props(pairs)
  • 8x foot pad
  • 1x The silicone pad
  • 1x L-shaped screwdriver
  • 2x Antenna protection tube
  • 1x 15*220mm battery strap




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