iFlight Blitz F722 E45 2-6S 30x30 Stack/Combo (F722 FC/ 45A 32bit 4in1 ESC)


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The BLITZ F7 FC and 45A ESC Stack is iFlight's new high-quality flight stack, running BLHeli 32bit and utilizing the very latest iFlight technologies with no expense spared on the components, bringing you the very best flight performance by the way of a new improved circuit design, better components, and overall, a much lower electrical noise floor.


Blitz F722

  • MCU: STM32F722
  • Gyro: BMI270
  • Barometer: DPS310
  • OSD Chip: AT7456E
  • Blackbox: 32MB (Blackbox flash)
  • UARTS: 6
  • Motor outputs: 4x (SH1.0 connector)
  • I2C: SDA / SLA pads
  • LED: Yes
  • Beeper: Yes
  • Firmware Target: IFRC-IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F722
  • FC Mounting Pattern: 30.5x30.5mm
  • Dimensions: 36.5x35mm
  • Input Voltage: 2-6S
  • BEC: 5V 2.5A

E45 4in1 ESC

  • Input Voltage: 2-6S
  • Max. Continuous Current: 45A
  • Max. Burst Current: 55A 
  • MCU: BB21
  • BEC: No
  • Current Sensor: Yes
  • Target: QH-50 16.7
  • Mounting Dimensions: 30.5x30.5mm/Φ4mm
  • Dimensions 35x42mm
  • Weight: 14.7g


  • 1x iFlight Blitz F7 V1.1 30x30 Flight Controller
  • 1x iFlight Blitz E45 45A 2-6S 30x30 4in1 ESC
  • 1x Wiring Set

Wiring Diagram

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