Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 Unbreakable Drone Fpv Drone Vista Version


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The Foxeer Foxwhoop35 frame kit has three main parts: top plate, bottom plate, and 360° Whoop prop guard, with a lifetime warranty. The frame has a wheelbase of 142mm and a size of 199x199mm. It has a 12mm motor and 20×20/25.5×25.5 flight controller mounting pattern. It can be equipped with both popular digital VTXs (Vista and HDZero). It comes in the box with 14x14mm and 19x19mm camera mounts. Additionally, Foxeer includes two types of action camera mounts. 


Material Toray T700 carbon with silky coating
Wheelbase 142mm
Bottom plate mounting hole 20x20/25.5x25.5mm M2
AIO Foxeer 45A Reaper AIO V3
Props Dalprop New Cyclone T3528
Camera Toothless nano/ Apollo/ Digisight V3
Camera size 14mm/ 19mm optional
Motor Datura 2105.5 T Mount 2650KV/3650KV
Antenna Lollipop 4+ 150mm ufl tube RHCP/LHCP Whoop Version
Motor Mount 12mm
VTx Foxeer Reaper Nano analog/ Vista/ HDZero Whoop VTx optional
Recommended Battery 4S/6S
Approximate Weight(without battery) Analog: 250g; Vista:268g; HDzero:255g

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