GEPRC 3S 300mAh 11.4V 30C/60C Battery


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  • Brand: GEPRC
  • Capacity: 300 mah
  • Voltage: 11.4 v
  • Continuous discharge rate: 30C/60C
  • Connector: XT30
  • Size: 65mmx19mmx11mm
  • Weight: 24 g


1 x GEPRC 3S 300mAh 11.4V 30C/60C Battery


  • Please read the battery parameters and instructions in detail before use.

  • Please don’t charge the battery unattended.

  • Do not overcharge (select the correct battery type before charging, the full charge voltage of single cell of LiPo battery is not more than 4.2V, and the full charge voltage of single cell of Li-HV battery is not more than 4.35v).

  • Do not over-discharge ( the single-cell discharge voltage of LiPo and Li-HV batteries cannot be lower than 3.7V, over-discharging will damage the battery and cause swelling).

  • Don’t place the battery close to open flames or fire sources.

  • Keep the battery away from flammable materials when charging

  • Please carefully check the battery voltage and capacity before charging and use

  • It is forbidden to reverse the positive and negative poles of the battery (to avoid short circuit)

  • Do not directly touch the leaking battery. If you accidentally touch the electrolyte, please wash it with clean water immediately. If it is serious, please consult a doctor immediately.

  • Please dispose of the ruptured battery in time and do not reuse it

  • If you need to store the battery for a long time, please maintain the battery voltage at a single-cell 3.80V-3.85V. Please ensure that a charge-discharge activation is performed within 3 months to maintain the stability of the battery.

  • It is forbidden to disassemble and reassemble the battery or change the wiring (it is easy to cause short circuit and burning).

  • If a collision occurs during use, please remove the battery. Check carefully whether the battery and connector are normal.

  • Please charge at a temperature of 0-45℃ (make sure the charging environment is cool and ventilated, the battery will generate a certain amount of heat after use and during the charging process, and the battery that has just been used is allowed to stand and wait for the temperature to be below 45℃ before charging).

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