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The GEP-CT25 frame adopts the avant-garde design and is injection molded with advanced material, taking into account the outstanding rigidity and flexibility.

The interior VTX design makes the O3 memory card installation and footage loading through a USB connection easier. Adopting exposed design for receiver antenna. Full-fit aluminum components and straps ensure the battery is firmly fixed. The fixed prop of the injection molding receiver is perfectly matched with the height of the fuselage, making frequency paring effective and convenient.

The outstanding design of the GEP-CT25 frame provides an excellent shooting experience for users, becoming an ideal choice for pilots.


  1. Avant-garde exterior design, injection molded with advanced material.
  2.  The new camera anti-shake function, provides stabilization for footage shooting, camera is equipped with an air inlet duct to prevent overheat.
  3.  The BOOT button at the rear end makes parameter adjustment easier.
  4.  Special silicone T-shaped receiver antenna fixed component.
  5. The interior VTX installation lets users set up or disassemble the O3 memory card and connect to load footage effortlessly.
  6. Adopts aluminum posts and straps to fix the battery.
  7. Injection molded receiver fixed rack fits with fuselage seamlessly, the frequency paring is more effective.
  8.  The quick-release design makes maintenance easier.


  • Frame: GEP-CT25 Frame
  • Color: grey/black
  • Wheelbase:115mm
  • Mid carbon plate thickness:2.5mm
  • FC mounting hole:25.5mm * 25.5mm
  • VTX mounting hole:20mm * 20mm / 25mm * 25mm
  • Motor mounting hole:9mm * 9mm
  • Camera size:19mm / 20mm
  • Connector: XT30
  • Recommended propellers:2.5 inch propellers
  • Weight:87 ±5g


1 x Integrated Protective Frame

1 x Arm plate

1 x Accessory sets

2 x Camera Protective Cap

2 x battery anti-skid pads

1 x O3 Cooling fins

1 x PCB Component

1 x screw pack

1 x 15*150mm battery cable ties

1 x 15*170mm battery cable ties

1 x L-shaped screwdriver 1.5mm


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