GEPRC GEP-DoMain4.2 Frame


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The DoMain 3.6/4.2 frame developed by GEPRC for unfettered and aerial photography flight is now officially released. The frame is compatible with DJI-O3, VISTA, and GEPRC-RAD MINI 1W VTX.

The flight is more stable and flexible when DoMain adopts a DC structure design on the drone arm, the need for freestyle flight can also be satisfied. The unique structure design provides a stable operating environment for the electronic system with less shaking. The fuselage adopts a 7075 aluminum alloy structure design and unique side plate design to accomplish a fresh visual effect. The durable fuselage can protect the FPV camera and internal electronic equipment effectively. The 20mm*20mm and 25.5mm*25.5 FC mounting holes are also compatible with mainstream FCs, and the VTX mounting holes are 28mm*28mm and 36mm*36mm, which can be directly accessible with the air unit. The 9mm*9mm, 12mm*12mm motor mounting holes equipped with a 3.6-inch propeller possess sufficient power output. Two different 3D printed bases are designed for mounting a GoPro sports camera to record every moment during flight. After a host of testing and improvement by the GEPRC team, the Domain frame is made for unfettered flight.

We pursue a better flying experience and a more elegant appearance of the long-range FPV.


  1. Unique frame structure design, increase the stability of the fuselage structure
  2. The new side panel design is more integrated, supporting DIY side panel decals, personality and higher freedom
  3. . Equipped with abundant power, “high difficulty” is not a word
  4. Support full-size GOPRO, naked GOPRO mount, wonderful view
  5. The whole machine DC structure design, the fuselage is clean, the integration is higher, the blade is perfectly hidden, presenting a pure picture.
  6. Equipped with M-10 GPS to ensure the safety of every flight.


  • Model: Domain 4.2-inch version
  • Wheelbase:190±3mm
  • Top plate thickness:2.0mm
  • Base plate thickness:2.5mm
  • Drone arm thickness:4.0mm
  • FC mounting hole size:20.5mm*20.5mm & 25.5mm*25.5mm
  • Motor mounting hole size:9*9mm & 12*12mm
  • VTX mounting hole size:36mm x 36mm & 28mm x 28mm
  • Camera size: 19-20mm
  • Recommended propeller size:4.2-inch propeller
  • Weight: 110g±5g



1 * 2.0mm top plate
2 * 4.0mm front drone arm
2 * 4.0mm back drone arm
1 *  4.0mm mid plate
1 * 2.5mm bottom plate
1 *  3.0mm mid plate
1 * front aluminum component(left)
1 * front aluminum component(right)
1 * middle aluminum component
1 * tail aluminum component(right)
1 * tail aluminum component(left)
1 * left side plate(black)
1 * right side plate(black)

Screw pack:

M2 * 6  * 14
M2 * 7   *  26
M2*10 * 12
M2*11 * 6
M2*25 * 4
M2 aluminium alloy lock hexagonal nut(black)* 6
M2 hexagonal nut black nickel plating * 8
M2*5.5 * 2
M2*8 * 2
M2*23 reticulate patterned aluminum post* 1

3D printer:

Receiver antenna fixed component
GoPro printer
Receiver fixed component
Receiver fixed component
Drone arm pads
A pair of analog camera VR components (left&Right)
VR silicone pads(left&right)70 degree


2 * 30mm*10mm Motor sleeves tube (tawny)
2 * 55mm*10mm Motor sleeves tube (tawny)
8 * FC damping balls
4 * silicone pads

Others accessories:

1 * XT60EW90-degree welded power cord
1 * camera anti-slip pads(2.0-thick Nanomaterial)
4 * black nylon pads M2*5*1
2 * red side plate stickers
2 * multicolor side plate stickers
1 * drone sticker
1 * DoMain frame instruction manual
1 * L-shaped hexagonal screwdriver 1.5mm


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