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Break the normal procedure in the classic,GEPRC new Frame of “X” design. The arm is fixed with aluminum alloy parts, Removing and installing is very easy. High strength fixation ,very nice.New PDB(5V 3A output,12V 500mA output) and XT60 , Saves the power line to lighten the weight. It is worth mentioning that the tail integrated 10 bright LED lights tail lights. Taillight support FC control or manual control. Just need to pick up the jumper. In order to increase the strength, Fixing method using 8 aluminum column, Of course, in the middle of the aluminum column if you feel too heavy can not be installed, Generally speaking, we think it is a very good frame.



Weight:102g(include Aluminum parts,Top plate 2mm)
Wheelbase:250mm(motor to motor diagonal)
Adjustable lens:0-55 deg
Arms board:4mm
Main board:2mm
Top board:2mm
Other board:1.5mm


Flight Controller:F3 /Naze32/ CC3D
Motors: 2204/2205/2206/2305
Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1300mAh


  1. 3K high strength carbon board to ensure that the framework is strong
  2. Thanks to one piece of aluminum, The arm is stronger. Quick changing arm
  3. 5 inch wheelbase 215mm, 4 inch wheelbase 180mm, 6 inch wheelbase 250mm
  4. Motor seat design protection structure, in most cases to reduce the degree of injury of the motor
  5. “X” structure
  6. The structure is strong, beautiful and light weight (118g, including all fixed parts).
  7. Adjustable lens, 0-55 deg
  8. The lens comes with fixed film, for the market of 95% lens fixed, also perfectly compatible with HS1177 and swift
  9. PDB, with BEC (5/12v 5V 12V output, maximum 3A, maximum 500mA)
  10. Custom 35MM high strength non slip aluminum column

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