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The MATEN 5.8G 1.6W VTX high-power image transmission newly developed by the GEPRC team is now officially released. Its performance is very powerful, with 4 adjustable power levels and a maximum power of up to 1600mW.The transmission signal is very stable and the penetration ability is excellent.
MATEN 5.8G 1.6W VTX uses high-strength aluminum alloy CNC shell to assist heat dissipation.The unique appearance design stronger impact resistance and better heat dissipation performance.
It supports the IRC Tramp protocol and can use the OSD to quickly adjust parameters.
It has a wide voltage input of 7-36V and temperature control protection function to prevent overheating and burning.Support 30.5×30.5mm(M3) installation hole position.


  1. Four levels of adjustable power, up to 1600mW, suitable for long distance flight.
  2. Selected high strength aluminum alloy CNC shell, auxiliary heat dissipation.
  3. Wide voltage input, supports 7V-36V voltage input.
  4. One function buttons, three indicator lights, easy to control.
  5. VTX control protocol is IRC Tramp,supports OSD parameter adjustment.
  6. Temperature control protection function that can prevent high temperature burning.
  7. VTX built in microphone,real-time transmission of Drone’s sounds.
  8. Supports 72 transmission channels.
  9. Support 30.5×30.5mm(M3) installation hole position.


  • Model:MATEN 5.8G 1.6W VTX
  • Dimension:36.4×36.4×7.9mm
  • Mounting hole:30.5×30.5mm(M3)
  • Output power:25mW/200mW/600mW/1600mW/Pit mode
  • Frequency:5.8G
  • Channel:72CH
  • Input voltage:DC7-36V(2-8S Battery)
  • Output voltage:5V@600mA
  • Protocol:IRC Tramp
  • Antenna interface:MMCX
  • Cable interface:SH1.0 6pin
  • Video format:PAL/NTSC
  • Microphone: Built in microphone
  • Weight:17.5g


  1. Install Antenna before use.
  2. To prevent overheating,provide constant airflow and a well ventilated environment.Install a cooling fan if operating in confined conditions.
  3. The 5V Output is for a Camera/Cooling Fan use only!Do not connect Power Input/Battery to 5V Out. Serious damage will occur to VTX.


1 x MATEN 5.8G 1.6W VTX
1 x MMCX Copper tube antenna
1 x MMCX to SMA connector
1 x sh1.0 6P Connecting cable
5 x M3*7 screws
5 x M3*8 screws
5 x M3 x 10 hexagon
5 x M3*5 isolation column
5 x M3 nylon nut
1 x product description


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