GEPRC SPEEDX2 3214 860KV Motor


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The SPEEDX2 3214 motor is specially designed for 9-10 inch long range FPV.Large size provides powerful power for your flight.The big torque of 860KV makes the payload more reasonable. The overall combination of red and dark tones highlights the individual appearance.Use high-end bearing shaft to ensure the smooth operation of the motor.


1. Integrated outer rotor, high-precision CNC aluminum alloy
2. High temperature resistant enameled wire, more stable under high temperature conditions
3.Personalized hollow appearance, reduced weight and higher power
4.Use N52H magnetic steel, with high magnetic energy product and stronger magnetic field


  • Model: SPEEDX2 3214 Motor
  • KV: 860KV
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Magnet: N52H
  • Rotor material: 7075-T6 aviation aluminum alloy
  • Stator diameter: 32mm
  • Stator height: 14mm
  • Output shaft diameter: Φ5mm
  • Dimensions: Φ42mm * 49.8mm
  • Outlet specification: 16AWG 500mm
  • Rated voltage: 25.2V 6S(LiPo)
  • Maximum power(W): 1867.11w
  • Maximum current(A): 77.8A
  • Mounting hole: 19x19mm(M3)
  • Color: red and black
  • Weight: 155.0g
  • Applicable models: Suitable for 9-10 inch models


1 x SPEEDX2 3214 motor
4 x M3*9 round head screws
1 x M5 anti-slip nut


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