GPERC Goggle Devices for Wireless Radio Transmission with GEPRC RAD VTX 5.8G 1.6W

Sale price$300.00 USD


GPEPRC High-Quality FPV Goggle. High definition 800 * 480px.sensitive 5.8G receive 

FPV Goggle

  • Resolution:800*480px
  • Size of Screen:4.3 inch
  • Whole Size:155mmx144mmx113mm
  • In-built batteries:3.7v/2000mAh
  • Working Hours:2.5 Hours
  • Weight:314.6 Grams 

Connector definition description:

  • DC 7-36V: Input 2-8s Battery power
  • GND: Common ground wire
  • Video: connect to the video output port of FC or Camera
  • IRC: Connect to UART TX port of FC
  • 5V OUT: output 5V power to the Camera
  • GND: Common ground wire 



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