HGLRC 1.2G 1.6W VTX module


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Product parameters
Input voltage:7-36V
Working frequency:1.2G-1.3G
Available channels:9-CH
Maximum output power:1600m
WMaximum size:37mm*30mm*8mm
Mounting hole:25.5X25.5mm
Number of channels:9CH
Output power:10 /200 /1600MW
Antenna Port:50 Ohms
Input format:NTSC or PAL
Operating Temperature:-10℃~+60℃
Profile dimension:28mm(L)*21mm(W)*3.1mm(H)

Function Description:
1.IRC tramp "PIT/10 /200 /1600MW"
2. Press and hold the channel selection button for 1 second to switch CH 1-9 cycle.
3. Press and hold the power selection button for 1 second to switch the power to 10/200/1600 cycles.
4. Press and hold the power selection button for more than 2 seconds to switch between entering PITMODE and exiting PITMODE
When using this product, please comply with local regulations and install the antenna before use

Shipping list:
1x HGLRC 1.2G 1.6W image transmission module
1x image transmission cable
1x Angle MMCX-SMA female adapter cable
1x 1.2G Y-shaped antenna

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