iFlight BLITZ E80 4-IN-1 Pro 80A ESC (G2)


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The MOSFET used by BLITZ E80 is PSMN1R0-40YLD, which can withstand a continuous current of 80A at 25°C, with a maximum power dissipation of 198W. BEC power supply adopts TI automotive-grade dedicated synchronous rectifier chip, supporting up to 100V.

The 1-4 layer power board of the PCB circuit is ultra-thick copper with a thickness of 4OZ, ensuring continuous output under high-power operation. The STM32F051 main control processor with a running frequency of up to 48MHz, combined with a three-in-one driver IC, achieves a faster running speed!


- Rational layout, countersunk holes on extended solder pads to ensure PCB layer connection

- G071 MCU, 48mHz maximum clock speed;

- TDK MLCC Low ESR ceramic capacitors;

- Top grade PSMN1R0-40YLD MOSFET;

- 8 layers double-sided PCB board


- BLHeliSuite download (BL32)

- Supports DShot DShot150/300/600/MultiShot/ OneShot etc.

- Constant current:80A,100A(Burst)

- Mounting Holes: 35*35mm/Φ3mm

- Current sensor: Yes, scale 100

- Firmware: IFLIGHT_BLITZ_G2

- Telemetry: Supported

- Weight:65g(±10)

- Volts input: 2-8S

- BEC: No

Package included:

- 1 x BLITZ E80 4-IN-1 Pro ESC (G2)

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