SpeedyBee Bee35 3.5" Cinewhoop Frame Kit

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About this product

The Speedy Bee Bee35 3.5-inch Frame Kit is the perfect tool for any cinewhoop pilot looking for more power to capture stunning pictures and videos, do freestyle cruising, and explore your flight zones. Durable, effective, and resilient, the frame kit is excellent for beginners and veterans with its durable prop guards that can survive rough handling.

Note: The Bee35 Pro version comes with Aluminum Alloy Heat Dissipation plates on the bottom, while this Bee35 version comes with standard carbon fiber plates on the bottom instead.


  • Carbon Fiber Bottom Plate
  • High-quality carbon fiber frame kit
  • Compact 3.5-inch wheelbase design
  • Compatible with 20x20mm and 30x30mm stacks
  • Designed for 3.5 inch propellers
  • Suitable for micro FPV racing drones
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Well-thought-out frame design for easy maintenance
  • Offers multiple mounting options for accessories
  • Precision cut for a clean and sleek appearance
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor flying environments


  • Wheelbase:  153mm
  • Top Plate Thickness:  3.5mm
  • Bottom Plate Thickness:  2mm
  • Camera Mounting Distance:  19/20mm
  • ESC/Motor Mounting Height:  24mm
  • Flight Stack Mounting Holes:  20*20/25.5*25.5/30.5*30.5mm
  • Video Transmitter Mounting Holes:  20*20/25.5*25.5
  • Propeller Size:  90mm
  • Motor Mounting Holes:  12*12mm
  • Weight:  138g
  • CNC Heat Sink:  15g
  • Camera Gimbal:  28g
  • Recommended Motor:  1806/2004/2006
  • Recommended KV:  4S/2500-3500KV, 6S/1800-2300KV
  • Recommended Battery:  900-1500mAh 4S/6S


  • 1x SpeedyBee Bee35 3.5" Cinewhoop Frame Kit

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