T-Motor M0802 25000Kv Micro Motor


Sale price$10.90 USD


The tiniest T-motors! All the quality and style you expect from a T-Motor, Super clean black and blue bell design for your 1S whoop drones! These motors are equipped with JST-1.25 plugs on 33mm of motor wire. Grab yourself a set of these super fast and nimble 0802 motors!!


  • Kv:  25000Kv
  • Input Voltage: 1S
  • Configuration:  9N12P
  • Max Continuous Current: 4.82A
    Internal Resistance: 180
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ10.6x14.7mm
  • Stator Dimensions: Φ8x2mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1mm
  • Mounting Pattern: Φ6mm, 3x M1.4
  • Wire Dimensions:  JST-1.25, 33.5mm 
  • Weight:  2.04g (w/ wire)


  • 1x T-Motor M0802 25000Kv Micro Motor

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