TMOTOR ITS 2306.5 Powerful Freestyle Motor- 1750KV


Sale price$29.99 USD



About this product:

Experience the Master of Freestyle Collaboration Motors, the top choice for 5-inch freestyle and cinematic

The colors are stunning, you'll love them.

Unleash Your Potential!Check out the all-new 2306.5 and 2208 motors, These motors deliver unbeatable durability and performance, ensuring smooth, powerful flights every time.

Choose Your Size! they offer precise throttle control and efficiency, perfect for any pilot.


T-MOTOR- IT'S-2306.5-fpv-Motor-1T-MOTOR-IT'S-2306.5-fpv-Motor-2T-MOTOR-IT'S-2306.5-fpv-Motor-3T-MOTOR-IT'S-2306.5-fpv-MotorT-MOTOR-IT'S-2306.5-fpv-Motor-5

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