TMOTOR Velox F7 V50A SE HD Stack For FPV Drones


Sale price$120.69 USD


The F7 SE stack supports 8 motor outputs and can also be used on the X8 drone; it uses a 42688 gyroscope and is paired with firmware version 4.4.3 or higher to provide better stability. It is equipped with a 128 MB large-capacity black box chip, larger than the 16 MB black box of the regular F722. The F7 SE stack is equipped with T-Motor Velox motors, which can bring a more comfortable and stable flying experience.This flying tower is specially designed for the 5-inch X4 flying machine. When used with the TMOTOR Velox V3, it can take off and land 1000 times without damage.

Unique Point

  • Highly cost-effective, the first choice for beginners

  • Perfect match with Velox V3 motor

  • Quality assurance, tested thousands of times without breaking

  • Elevate Your Filmmaking&Robust Power Delivery&Powerful Combination
  • Versatile Applications&Reliable Performance&Seamless Integration
  • Advanced Features&Professional Grade

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