Walksnail Patch Antenna V2 For Avatar HD Goggles X

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Unleash powerful performance with this advanced Walksnail Patch Antenna for the Avatar Goggles X. Offering a broad bandwidth of 5600-6000MHz and LHCP polarization, this antenna achieves an impressive 6.7dBi gain, ensuring optimal signal reception. With a VSWR of <1.4 and 97% efficiency, it delivers a seamless and reliable connection. The antenna is designed for versatility and has a 127° beam width, catering to various flight scenarios. The SMA-RP connector ensures a secure connection, while the antenna's compact size (W146mm L35mm H10mm) and lightweight design (9.6g for a single antenna, 32g total) add minimal weight to your setup. Upgrade your FPV experience with this high-performance antenna, where cutting-edge technology meets efficiency and reliability.


  • Right-angle SMA-RP connector with rubber handwheel.
  • Integrated dual antenna mask for easy installation.
  • Weighs only 32g and is comfortable to wear.
  • Antenna with professional RF substrate.


  • Bandwidth: 5600-6000MHz
  • Polarization: LHCP
  • Gain: 6.7dBi
  • VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio): <1.4
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Beam-width: 127°
  • Connector: SMA-RP
  • Weight: 9.6g (per single antenna), 32g (total)
  • Size: W146mm L35mm H10mm


  • 1x Walksnail Patch Antenna V2 - Avatar Goggles X

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